Immerse yourself in the City of the Future

The Experience Centre takes you on a journey of innovation, sustainability and ambition. Over five thematic areas, you’ll learn more about the key goals and features of The Ellinikon through exciting installations that trigger all the senses.

Living in Nature

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Exploring the importance of nature for our wellbeing, this area introduces you to The Ellinikon Park, which sits at the heart of the project. Over 2 million m² of nature and green spaces, Τhe Ellinikon Park redefines what a traditional urban development can look like. Enjoy several experiences that will help you unwind and relax.



About the future

What does the home of the future look like? Step into one of The Ellinikon’s state-of-the-art residences and get a peek into the lifestyle of someone living at The Ellinikon. Highlighting what makes this life exciting both in the home and beyond, ‘Living Smart’ delves into how the city invites carefree, easy, connected and frictionless living.


Living by theSea

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It’s time for the serenity of the coast life and the bustle of the city life to become one. “Living by the Sea” introduces The Ellinikon’s rejuvenated coastline and marina— a destination both relaxing and vibrant. Enjoy the views of the gorgeous coastline and learn more about the iconic The Ellinikon Riviera.

Ellinikon Marina Overview

Tomorrow is on your doorstep.

Experiencethe Future