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The Experience Center is open to everyone, with free entrance. Plan a visit with your friends and family today. Online booking is mandatory for your entry.


Getting there

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Bike racks

The Ellinikon Experience Centre can be easily accessed from the heart of Athens and the wider Attica region. Here you can find your most convenient route.

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Head west on Loef. Vouliagmenis and cross the car park. You’ll enter the Experience Park. The Experience Centre is located in the park.

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Monday to Sunday


The Experience Center is easily accessible by metro, following directions for the Elliniko Metro Station.

Metro Line Anthoupoli – St. Elliniko


The Experience Center is easily accessible by bus, following directions for the Ellinikon Bus Station.

Stop Elliniko

122, St. Argyroupoli — Saronida
171, Varkiza — St. Argyroupoli
790, Glyfada — Peristeri
A3, Akadimia — Glyfada
Χ97, St. Elliniko — Airport Athens

Stop American Base

124, Glyfada - St. Argyroupoli
142, Elliniko — Kalamanaki
171, Varkiza — St. Argyroupoli

Take a right on Loef. Vouliagmenis and cross the car park. You’ll enter the Experience Park, wherin is located the Experience Centre and the bike racks.

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Monday to Sunday


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Free WiFi network for all

Information Desk

Help and assistance

First Aid

Fully equipped for emergencies


For a secure experience

Cleaning Services

For excellent hygiene and safety


Guard services


Baby care area and disabled facilities


Free parking for all

safety & rules

To ensure the Centre runs smoothly, we ask visitors to respect each other and the facilities. This includes complying with the following rules.


We ask visitors to behave with the seriousness and responsibility appropriate for an exhibition space. Loud voices are prohibited, as are any acts that may disturb the presence of other visitors.

Children must be accompanied by their legal guardian or by an authorised adult. The escort of the minor is responsible for their constant supervision, as well as for ensuring that all rules and regulations are observed by the minor.

Visitors are suggested to have their mobile devices in silent mode during their time at the Experience Centre.

People under the influence of intoxication, drugs, or who are in a visible mental state where they could cause damage to the area or disturb other visitors are not allowed to enter the Experience Centre.

The staff of the Experience Centre may refuse entry to a visitor. In addition, Experience Centre staff may ask a visitor to leave the premises, in particular in the event of hand wringing, quarrelling, bullying or any other abusive, aggressive, or inappropriate behaviour towards Experience Centre staff and/or other visitors and/or the public.

The staff may prohibit or interrupt the visit of visitors in the area of the Experience Centre in the event they don’t follow the rules.

Guests are advised to leave their valuables at home and have their personal belongings with them at all times. The Experience Centre provides some small lockers for storing items but bears no responsibility for any loss or theft.

Visitors must follow the equipment instructions within the Experience Centre as presented by the staff. They must also comply with the instructions on capacity and the permitted accommodation in each area. - Smoking is not allowed.

Food and drink consumption is not allowed within the Main Exhibition of the Experience Centre, except in the café and restaurant of the facility.

It is forbidden to litter or dispose of any object which will contribute to the pollution of the site. - Pets are not allowed in the Experience Centre with the exception of service dogs accompanying people with disabilities.

It is mandatory to respect the health and safety rules against the spread of COVID-19 according to the relevant instructions at the entrance of the site.

Visitors are required to immediately report any accidents and/or inappropriate behaviour and/or any damage to the property of the Experience Centre to a staff member.

Taking photos, recordings or videos for personal use is allowed, as long as it is done in a respectful way towards visitors, buildings and surroundings, and it complies with personal data protection. This excludes the WC, baby care and first aid areas.

It is forbidden to reproduce this material by any printed or electronic means for commercial purposes without prior approval by the Experience Centre’s operator.

Professional photoshoots, recordings and video shoots for reasons other than personal use (commercial purpose or public use and promotion) are only carried out following a special agreement with the Experience Centre’s operator. The same applies to photoshoots, recordings and video shoots for shows, performances and events.

The Experience Centre’s operator retains the copyright of its photo and video material. All cases where this material is used by third parties requires prior approval by the Experience Centre’s operator, and it is obligatory to mention the source of the material, as well as the name of the photographer or creator.

It is forbidden to use drones in any space without prior approval by the Experience Centre’s operator, subject to applicable legal provisions.

Please drive slowly while entering, parking in and exiting the parking space.

Drivers must be vigilant for any person circulating in the parking space, especially children, elderly people and people with special needs.

The right to park your vehicle does not involve guarding. The Experience Centre’s operator is not responsible for any damage, destruction or loss thereof.


The company “HELLINIKON S.A.” (hereinafter “Company”) is the Data Controller of your personal data, pursuant to EU General Data Protection Regulation 679/2016 (hereinafter “GDPR”) and Greek Law 4624/2019. This Privacy Notice is provided in order to inform you on the image and video data collected via CCTV monitoring at the Experience Centre.

Personal data we process

The Company collects image and video data of visitors and employees of the Experience Centre via the CCTV Monitoring System.

Purposes and legal basis of processing

The Company uses the CCTV Monitoring System for the protection of people and assets in the Experience Centre. The processing is necessary in the context of the legitimate interest of the Company that acts as a Data Controller (article 6 par. 1 GDPR).

Analysis of legitimate interest

The legitimate interest of the Company consists of the necessity of the latter to protect its premises and its assets from illegal actions. Moreover, the Company aims to protect life, physical integrity, health and property of our personnel and third parties that are legally in the Experience Centre. We only collect image and video data from areas, where there is an increased possibility of illegal actions (for example crimes against persons or crimes against property), or actions that may put in danger the security of persons and property. Consequently, we do not monitor areas where your privacy would be excessively violated.

Recipients of your personal data

The CCTV footage is accessible by authorized personnel of the Company that provides security services, as well as third parties, to which your data may be disclosed, for the fulfillment of the aforementioned purposes, such as:

  • The security company of the Company.
  • Companies that commit to Data Protection Officer duties.
  • Other legal entities of our Group that collaborate with us for the purposes described above.
  • Insurance companies / insurance intermediaries.
  • Competent judicial and law enforcement authorities, when they submit a request for data within the context of the exercise of their duties or when the footage provides evidence that is necessary for the investigation of an illegal action.
  • The victim or the perpetrator of an illegal action, when data may constitute evidence of proof.

How does the Company protect your personal data?

Our Company has implemented all appropriate organizational and technical measures, pursuant to applicable legal framework and standards in order to safeguard that processing of data, either by the Company or by any third party is legitimate, appropriate and secured against any non-authorized or illegal access, deletion, amendment or any other use of the data.

How long is your personal data retained?

The CCTV footage is retained for fifteen (15) days. Upon the expiration of this period, the data is automatically deleted. In case we realize that an incident has occurred within this period, we shall proceed with the separate storage of this part of the video and it will be stored for one (1) month, in order for the Company to further investigate the incident and the initiation of any legal actions to ensure the legitimate interests of the Company. In case the incident refers to third persons, the footage will be retained for three (3) additional months.

What are your rights?

According to applicable legislation, you have the following rights:

  • Right of access: you have the right to be informed about the processing of your data and if this is the case to receive a copy of your data.
  • Right to restriction of the processing of your personal data: you have the right to request the restriction of processing. For example, you have the right to request from the Company not to delete data that you consider necessary for the establishment, exercise or defense of legal claims.
  • Right to erasure: you have the right to request the deletion of your data.
  • Right to object: you have the right to object to the processing of your data.

You may exercise the aforementioned rights by submitting a request to our Company and we will reply within one (1) month upon receipt of the request. This deadline might be extended for two (2) additional months, in case your requests are excessive or complicated. Additionally, the Company shall inform you without any delay on any breach of your personal data, unless such breach falls within one of the exceptions provided by law.

What is the contact person for any issues/requests?

For any queries, clarifications of requests with regards to your personal data protection, you may contact our email

Lodge a Complaint

In case you deem that we have not duly satisfied your request and the protection of your personal data is somehow affected, you may lodge a complaint through the dedicated online portal of the Hellenic Data Protection Authority (Athens, 1-3 Kifissias Avenue, 11523 Athens, Greece | +30 210 6475600). You may find detailed guidelines on how to lodge a complaint on the DPA’s website.

Information on CCTV System

The Company has installed cameras that do not record sound, at places that are crucial for the surveillance of areas, where serious incidents may occur, such as thefts, accidents and other incidents that may put the health of employees and visitors, as well as the property of the Experience Centre, at risk.


The Ellinikon Experience Centre is designed to be open and accessible to all. Ease of access for people with disabilities is our primary concern. We also offer priority parking spaces and dedicated restroom facilities. Service dogs belonging to those who are visually and/or hearing impaired are more than welcome at The Ellinikon Experience Centre.


The Ellinikon Experience Centre is a one-of-a-kind exhibition that takes you behind the scenes of Europe’s most ambitious development. Set in a renovated airport hangar, visitors can dive deeper into The Ellinkon’s past, present and future.

Head to the Experience page to find out what’s in store for your visit.

The Experience Centre is located 9.7 km south of central Athens at the Municipality of Hellinikon Argyroupolis and is owned by Hellinikon S.A. It is situated in The Ellinikon Experience Park.

To stay informed about the project, please visit The Ellinikon’s official website.

Admission to the Experience Centre is free. It is mandatory to book a free ticket online for each guest, so that we can offer the best possible experience to everyone.

Advance booking is strongly recommended. This is so we can manage the capacity of the Centre—enhancing the overall experience for everyone while adhering to all necessary safety measures in place.

Book your ticket online here, or at the Experience Centre’s ticket booths.

The Experience Centre is open seven days a week, all year round, except on official public holidays.

Working hours: Daily 09:00 - 22:00

Closed on:

  • 1st of January - New Year's Day
  • Easter Sunday
  • 15th of August
  • 25th of December – Christmas Day
  • 26th of December


Booking your free ticket before your visit is mandatory. This is so we can manage the capacity of the Centre – enhancing the overall experience for everyone while adhering to all necessary safety measures in place.

To book your ticket online, click here.

If you arrive early, we may ask you to wait for your allotted time slot. If you are late, we can’t always guarantee same-day admission due to the Centre’s capacity limits.

Your ticket is valid for two hours after your allotted time slot.

In order to offer the best possible experience to all guests, strictly adhering to all necessary safety measures, the number of guests we can accept is limited. Booking your free ticket before your visit is mandatory. You can get your ticket at the Experience Center ticket booths, but we cannot guarantee that seats will be available.

You are more than welcome to visit as a group, but we do ask that you divide up into smaller groups of no more than 10 when inside the Experience Centre.

You can change the date and time of your visit by getting in touch with us here.

The Experience Centre is easily accessible by public transport, car and bike.

Find the quickest route to the Experience Centre via Google Maps.

Visit by public transport

Visit by car: 600 outdoor parking spaces are available free of charge at the Experience Centre. (Operating hours: Mon – Sun, 9am – 10pm)

Pets are not permitted in the Experience Centre. Service dogs are the only animals that are allowed inside.

Smoking is strictly prohibited in the Experience Centre. The same provisions apply to e-cigarettes, e-vapour devices and electronic tobacco heating devices.

Filming and photography is allowed for personal use in the Experience Centre as long as it is carried out with respect to other visitors, the surrounding area and the building. It is strictly prohibited in the restrooms, baby care and first aid areas. Any filming and photography carried out must comply with all privacy regulations.

Our staff is happy to guide you and answer any questions throughout your visit.

The café—operated by Flocafe—is located on the ground floor and offers you a chance to relax and refuel during your visit.

The café is open: Monday – Saturday, 10:00–21:00.

Visitors have free access to the Centre’s Wi-Fi network. To connect, join the network: ‘The_Ellinikon_Experience’ and fill in your details.

There are designated areas for both breastfeeding and baby changing located in the WC area.

If a lost item has been found or handed in it will be passed to the reception desk where visitors can retrieve it. Items will only be held at reception for up to a month.

There are lockers available to visitors for storing their personal belongings. The Experience Centre is not responsible for any stolen items stored in the lockers.

As part of the health protection measures for visitors, the lockers are disinfected after use. There is an available steamer that can be requested for disinfecting purposes at the Experience Centre.

You can bring your non-electric skateboard, non-electric scooter or folding bike inside the Experience Centre but they must be stored in the lockers. The lockers have a limited capacity, so if they are full (or your item cannot fit in them) we will not be able to let you bring your item in.

Electric scooters and electric skateboards are not permitted in the Experience Centre.

The Experience Centre is highly accessible for people who have special needs such as mobility difficulties or other disabilities. The facilities provide ramps lifts and wheelchair accessible restrooms located in the WC area.

Service dogs for the visually and hearing impaired are permitted at the Experience Centre.

Wheelchair accessible restrooms are located in the WC area.

Yes, visitors are welcome to bring buggies for their children to the Experience Centre.

We would like to thank you for your interest in working at the Experience Centre. Please note that the Experience Centre’s Management team does not keep a CVs database. Kindly submit your CV for the available jobs to our platform.